About Us

About Us

We are a startup company and our core expertise lies in providing solutions in the field of Information Technology especially for Healthcare, Education, Data Mining, Project Management, and Cloud-based projects. We are having a collective experience of about 1000+ man-months.

We are having diverse experience in the field of Manufacturing, Information Technology, Retail, Banking, and Finance, Digital Marketing, e-Governance, and Consultancy. We are a one-stop-shop for all Digital needs. The amount of experience in the Information Technology space is vast and across many verticals.

Ours is a Technology and digital services and solutions company committed to delivering innovation and business excellence across the entire spectrum of the Information Technology field.  At Mitra's Infotech LLP we constantly redefine the way services are being delivered and align customer objectives to ensure a superior outcome for the clients.


We provide complete Solutions and Services to maximize the productivity of our clients and empowering them in online business. We thrive to provide inventive solutions, consistent satisfaction, and take their business to the next level. We will deliver cost-effective services and maintain sustainable growth.


Our vision is to deliver innovative solutions and empower clients in their business. We value innovation, change, and provide world-class services to our clients.


We believe in Dependability, Integrity,  Flexibility, and Teamwork.

Our Commitment 

We are committed to customer satisfaction by giving them a cost-effective and quality solution.

We help you plan, conceive, incorporate, build, augment and take care of your software needs with the help of our Domain knowledge and experience of various industries - offering you absolute benefits from our expert consulting.

About us

Mr. Umesh Mitra, a successful entrepreneur has seen all stages of growing a business, from working in a factory to now owning one. His competency in matters related to legal and finance have led him to provide valuable consultancy to numerous people.

We are proud and humbled to have him on board as a partner, to manage our financial & legal affairs for the company which will in turn help partner doctors as well. In today’s times, finances have become a domain of major concern,
but with his experience and expertise which is an asset to our company, we hope to provide efficiency and profitability to our doctors.

After a life-altering accident, he was forced to evolve from his past life which involved providing computer-related services to various industries including the government/PSU’s since 1980, and shift my focus to the medical industry.

Being a patient himself for almost 2 years and closely seeing the situation with doctors, he was convinced that there is a need for more transparency in the medical systems which can help doctors to organize their patient information & schedule directly on the digital platform as well as patients to get treatments without any hassle.

He started writing blogs on various topics related to health on the website since 2017. Since then he has been regularly posting on the website.

In 2019, he decided to partner at Mitra’s Infotech LLP to help doctors upgrade their clinics with digital transformation to reduce their dependency on manual paperwork of filling & maintaining the Medical Records of their patients for years altogether, thereby relieving doctors’ stress by almost 80% and also help them in reaching out to patients seamlessly.


Dr. Neil Mitra, our Technical & Marketing Services Consultant, is a practicing Dentist himself who has also done extensive research in the field of marketing for doctors to promote their offerings. With his expertise in Social Media Marketing,

We ensure that our partner doctors will grow their practices to new heights by reaching out to more people.
And with his insights & practical experience, we have developed our most valuable and first of its kind product – Online and Offline

Practice Management Software. His zeal to improve on a daily basis, helps us update and modify the software according to the real needs of a doctor.