eCDR for insights and Analysis

eCDR is an online cloud-based Analysis tool for Government Departments that needs Analytical information from their data about call/caller.

This tool is very useful since the same is available 24X7 and the same can be used on any device ( Laptop, PC, Tab, and Mobile). It’s like carrying it in your pocket and available whenever required.

Features of eCDR are:-

  • Available 24X7 from anywhere ( no need to go to the office to operate or generate reports and no hardware dependency).
  • eCDR is available on any device (laptop, PC, Tab, and Mobile)
  • Dashboard to view major data-related parameters like No of Cell ids, No of targets added, No of data Uploaded Etc.,
  • Add cell id if few are missing
  • Upload cell ID if data available in an excel file
  • View Cell id with global search in view
  • View CDR target details with a summary like First call date and time, last call date and time, and no of calls with each mobile no.
  • Add target data (if not available in excel)
  • Upload target data by selecting the service provider from the dropdown available and the name of the Target
  • View target data by selecting the target name from the drop-down list
  • In view by clicking on any latitude new tab is opened showing the place of call in google map
  • In target data, multiple conditions can be checked in various columns
  • Any column can be sorted by clicking on the up arrow beside the label
  • In the report, parameters can be entered to view as per the parameters selected
  • In the search button if any string is entered then rows will be shown having that string of characters and it could be anywhere in the row
  • Add SIM master data, Upload SIM data, View SIM data
  • View CDR data can be filtered on duration as well.
  • If the SIM card name appears in the target data then his name will be reflected in the view.

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