Erecipe is a cloud-based solution for restaurants, the food packaging industry, and caterers who can manage back-end from

We have also provided a Bar option as well since most of the restaurants have bars to serve their guests who come for food.

Some of the features of for registered customers are:-

  •  Different roles can be defined to give access rights.
  •  Option to define Menu with details.
  •  Add multiple Sections for a menu.
  •  Unit master for items and liquors
  •  Add Vendors
  •  Option to purchase items
  •  View stock of items.
  •  View nutrients
  •  Prepare recipe
  •  Production from recipe
  •  Nutrient changes
  •  Add nutrition values for a recipe
  •  Add Allergens
  •  Create menu with the help of Section and recipe
  •  Add liquor brands
  •  Add rates/prices of liquors
  •  Purchase liquor
  •  Sale of liquor
  •  Recipe Gallery

 Few Reports are listed below-

  1. Menu list
  2. Section List
  3. Item List
  4. Vendor List
  5. Nutrient List
  6. Menu Card
  7. Recipe List
  8. Recipe Processes List
  9. Recipe Nutrient Change List
  10. Nutrition value list
  11. Allergen List
  12. Sales Regiser
  13. Purchase Register
  14. Cash Memo
  15. Liquor Vendors
  16. Password change

Admin option are –

  • Update profile and parameters
  • Add new user
  • Add roles
  • De-activate users
  • Re-activate users

Based on customers feedback we add new features which are available to all registered users.