I am extremely happy and satisfied with the services I have purchased from Mitra’s Infotech. What makes them stand out from others is that they give swift responses and solutions to all the problems.

I personally encountered a glitch where the patients stopped receiving the appointment messages. I contacted the concerned officer and the problem was solved the very same day. These small things make lives easier for us as doctors. I definitely recommend to all the doctors out there!

Dr. Niyati Patel, Solitaire Dental Studio, Mumbai.


I have been associated with esynapse for the last 2 years and it has made it very easy for me to manage my practice. It has literally synapsed me with my patients and fellow practitioners.

The software is very user friendly and convenient. The new offline feature is quite interesting to store all the data. It has now become the most important aspect of my practice.
Dr. Neekita – Dentonik Dental Clinic


As a professional who runs their own clinic keeping records was one of the most taxing and time consuming procedure.It is difficult to track and contact patients from time to time.

However the simplicity and ease of this online software solved most of my issues and made keeping a tab on appointments very manageable.The various features allow to store all sorts of data such as treatment details,payment due and even rvg records.

On the whole I would love to recommend this site to all those who want a comfortable and well updated clinical practice.

Dr. Zaahra Bandukwalla – Bandukwalla Clinic