Revolutionize skin care with our cutting-edge dermatology software. Streamline patient management, enhance diagnostics, and empower practitioners.

Dermats is an offline version for practicing dermatologists.

Following are few features of our offline Practice Management Software for Dermatologist.

Patient data is stored on your Laptop/pc so the data is absolutely secure.

Login: with a password into the system.

Register patient: Accepts details like Cell no, name, Email Id, DOB, Age, Gender, Anniversary Date, and Address. ( few fields are compulsory). Registration no is generated by the system. Even health details are stored.

Medical Records: Accepts illnesses, medical history, current medication, and dental history.

View List: Registered patients can be viewed and updated/edited after searching.

Other Masters: Drug, Treatment, Doctor, Rooms, Units, Employee, Laboratory, and Family.

Assistant: Up to 2 assistants can be added.

Appointment: Schedule an appointment for a given date and time, by selecting a doctor, room, and therapist with instructions during the appointment. WA message is sent to the patient. Calendar to view appointments by week or month.

Appointments in all views show a color combination of Doctor and therapist.

Appointments can be cancelled, or rescheduled, and there is an option to add a visit. Option to select Doctors/rooms in case of multiple chairs/rooms. Appointments can be scheduled for family members as well, although they are not registered as patients.

View all appointments, Send WA messages of today’s reminders, including birthdays, Anniversaries, and viewing appointments room-wise and also date-wise.

Patient Visits: Accepts diagnosis, treatment, charges, and selects medicine from dropdown for use and quantity. Product sold can be selected and will show name MRP price will be calculated on adding quantity. Multiple products can be added.

Discount, bonus points, receipt amount, bill no., Receipt number, payment type, clinical notes, next meeting date can also be added and any document/ X-ray of the visit can be uploaded of the visit. Bill and prescriptions get created in PDF format for any visits. Past visits can be seen by selecting a date for a patient.

Option to view visits of a particular patient, and medicines consumed during visits.

View Outstanding: The patient’s outstanding amount is displayed and even WA can be sent as a reminder of a particular patient having outstanding.

Inventory: Item master, Party master, Receipts, issues (consumption), and Payment. Payment to parties is reflected in expenses as well. Stocks are also maintained and can be viewed, including re-order level.

Quotations: Quotation can be prepared for a treatment by doctor for a patient and it can be printed as a PDF.

Packages: Packages offered to patients can be added by selecting doctor and package with the number of sessions.

Communication: All communication done with patients can be saved for future reference purposes. Broadcast Message: This option sends WA messages to all patients.

Reminders: Reminders can be added, and the same will be seen from the appointment, which can be sent to patients in WA.

Reports: Annexure A

Profile update: Personal details can be updated, and the logo and signature can be uploaded for e-prescription and e-bill.

Change password: option to change password.

Add expenses: Accepts details like date, particulars, and amount. Any month’s expenses can be viewed and edited.

View financials: The last six months and current months’ details like Bill amount, Receipts, Expenses and the Net amount (Profit/ loss), can be seen in columnar form.

Every morning, by clicking the Send WA button in the appointment, WA will be sent as a reminder to all patients having an appointment for the day.

Internet access will be required only when a WA message is sent on scheduling an appointment, outstanding, or morning reminder

All options have viewing and updating options to make changes.

Annexure A 

  • Visit Register,
  • Follow-up Register,
  • Income Register,
  • Expense Register,
  • Reminders,
  • Communication List,
  • Referral Register,
  • Treatment Register,
  • Consent terms for patients,
  • Income Graph,
  • Expenses Graph,
  • Patient listing,
  • View dental images for patient diagnosis and explanation.


 All reports can be drawn between any two given dates in Excel.